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How long does composite fencing las

Composite fences can be used for 15-20 years if properly cared for.

What are the advantages of composite fences over wood and metal fences?

No need to paint composite fences.

Do composite fences rust?

No. Composite fences do not rust. It contains composite and aluminum parts. Rusting does not occur.

How do you clean composite fencing?

Simply wash off with soapy water and a soft brush or use a cleaner if this is necessary.

Can composite fences be installed over lawns?

Composite fences can be mounted on hard floors (concrete, marble, interlocking cobblestone, compressed hard wood, etc.).
If fences are to be mounted on grass, concrete should be poured every 1 meter at the points where the fence posts are located.

In which areas can composite fences be installed?

Composite fences are suitable for any space that requires a boundary separator.
It can be installed on top of walls or on floors without walls in parks, gardens, public areas (road sides), poolsides, around villas and also around buildings.
Composite fences can also be used in the following areas: Parks Woodland Areas Villa and House Gardens Poolsides Roadside Seashores Pospitals Schools Private Properties public spaces Commercial and Industrial Facility

Which tools and equipment are required for composite fence installation?

One hammer drill is sufficient to drill into hard ground. However, if different dimensions are needed during assembly, a circular saw is required.

How many people are required for the installation of the composite fence, can it be installed alone?

Two people are recommended for ease of installation.

What are the lengths of composite fences. What size options are available?

The width of composite fences is 100 cm. Their lengths can vary as 35 cm, 55 cm, 80 cm, 100 cm, 105 cm and 150 cm.

What are the color options of composite fences?

Available in black, white and dark green colors. However, for orders of 1000 meters or more, any of the 5,000 color trains in the RAL catalog can be manufactured.
In the area where the fence will be installed, our place does not hold the dimensions.

Can we cut the composite fence? How is cutting done?

During the assembly of the fence, you can cut the fence in the desired size with the circular saw next to your drill.

Can the posts of composite fences be placed at an angle? Can the fence turn round? Can it be shaped into an octagon?

Yes. With our 4-channel aluminum poles, whose patent belongs to us, you can angle each fence module up to 90 degrees

Do composite fences flex?

Composite fences can be stretched due to its polyethylene structure. However, due to the galvanized steel parts inside, it is very difficult to stretch it without the use of any tools.

Can two modules be attached to a single aluminum pole?

Yes. Thanks to our 4-channel pole system, patented by us, 4 modules can be attached to a single pole

Is it necessary to install screws in the caps and post attachment points of the composite fence?

In order for your composite fence to be more durable and to be used for a long time, screws should be attached to the cap and connection points after assembly

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